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PRIDE 2022

in this year's campaign, we show off the vibrant diversity in our community and come together to support the repeal of section 377a.

We worked with local artist Manfred
(@fredohlala) to commission a collage artwork featuring a collection of over 70 photographs contributed from the LGBTQ+ community.

Together we can champion the repeal of S377a.

[SMOL] June 20 - LPS Kiosk Banner.jpg
[SMOL] June 16 - PLQ Kiosk Banner.jpg

We launched our June Special: Thai Me Up!

Inspired by the classic Pad Thai, find shirataki noodles, garlic shrimp, shredded omelette and our very own Pad Thai sauce.

With every purchase, a portion of profits went to supporting the good work at The T Project.

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