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PRIDE 2021

in what become our biggest year, 2021 was all about fostering understanding and awareness in our society. check out some the initiatives we spearheaded.

May 9.jpg

We kickstarted May with a feature of a beautiful family, Brenda, Pearlyn & Velda (@twomomssg), for Mothers' Day.

We partnered with locally owned Indie-creator Yusheng (@heckin.unicorn) for a giveaway to celebrate those who have stood by the community.

Jun 18.jpg

We worked with local queer artist Andre (@ayforandre) and commissioned a series of artworks that showcase some of the commonly heard remarks and misconceptions about the community.

The full series is available on our Instagram page (@hungryforsmol).
Limited prints of the full comic on totes were also available for purchase..

In collaboration with Telescope ( we spoke to 5 individuals about their experiences growing up in Singapore's education system.

In support of TransBefrienders' (@transbefrienders) mission, we donated 50% of our profits from our June Special 'Hey Seoul Sister' to the organisation.

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