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What's Inside The Meals?

We will include a variety of meals that cater to Meat-Eaters and Vegetarians.

Typically, a meal consists of a carb, protein, 3-4 veggies, and sometimes a dressing and other toppings.

For more info, check out our Menu!

how long will this programme go on for?

We will be monitoring the response of the public and the beneficiaries.

I Want To Volunteer

At the moment, we are only enlisting the help of essential personnel and staff. This is to ensure food hygiene standards are met and for safety regulations.

The government has also advised against any unnecessary movement during this Circuit Breaker period.

We appreciate the thought, but will advise you to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

i have other questions...

Contact us directly by email.

Why Are You Charging $5?

We are doing our part to help our must crucial industry now by doing what we do best.


The F&B industry itself has taken a huge hit in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. By contributing $5/meal, it will help to cover our food cost and our transportion costs partially.

I Don't Want To Support, But I Want To Eat Your Food

Not a problem!

While we do hope that you show your support to our Healthcare Heros, you can also order here for delivery or pickup at our kiosk (PLQ Mall)

We're open Mon-Sat, 11am-8pm (temporary hours)

I Want To Remain Anonymous

You can use an Alias or simply indicate "Anonymous" when adding your choice of meal pledge.

How Will I Know My Meals Have Been Delivered?

We deliver meals to our beneficiaries according to their staff strength, availability, and in order of pledges received.

Once your meals have been delivered to the beneficiaries, you will receive a message with proof of delivery.

how do beneficiaries receive the food?

We liaise directly with the Healthcare Workers/Representatives of the respective departments, to receive the food.

do you deliver to homes?

We do not deliver to homes. We are only delivering to institutions that are registered with us.

However, we do not restrict the consumption of these meals to Doctors/Nurses. Distrubution of the sponsored meals are at the beneficiaries' discretion.

Everyone in the Healthcare ecosystem is as important as one another.

Why does sponsorship start at $50?

Our beneficiaries range from smaller clinics to entire departments in hospitals.


In order to facilitate order management we have set the minimum sponsorship amount to 10 meals.

We understand that $50 may not be within means for some. You can also choose to gather friends to contribute to the total amount.

Why Must I Put My Name and @username?

We include a note with every delivery that tells the beneficiaries who their sponsors are. This also serves as proof that your meals have been delivered.


To show our appreciation for all benefactors, we are also posting shout outs on our social media pages. Mainly on Instagram. This is not compulsory.

I Am A Healthcare Worker.

How Can My Team Be A Beneficiary?

Contact us directly by email.

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